Hello! I'm Deb.

About me...

I have been married to my husband for 25 years and am a mother of ten children (yes 10!), two of which are my stillborn son and daughter, Michael and Rebekah.  After years of healing from my own losses and betrayal, I feel my purpose is to co-create with God in helping others connect with themselves, see a clearer vision of their worth, and act in a way that facilitates thriving. 


BS in Education (WGU)

Life Coaching Certification (Coach Training EDU | Internationally Accredited Coach Training Programs)

Creation Coach Certification (The Creation Coach School Certification)

Trauma Informed (Trauma-Informed Certificate for Coaches (thecentreforhealing.com))

Embodied Processing Certification (Embodied Processing (thecentreforhealing.com))

APSATS Trainee (Sexual Trauma Betrayal - APSATS)


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